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Considering that Lilienfeld’s surname is very well placed in the Chilean insurance market since 1942 and that we have highly qualified and multi-disciplinary personnel, with experience in a wide spectrum of insurances and a high orientation to customer service, we are able to build long term relationships with our customers.

We have the capacity to attend companies and people, in Chile and abroad, protecting their patrimony and assessing them in risk management and in the event of claims.


Our Services:

  • Risks and Insurance Advisors
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Regional and Global Insurance Programs

Risks and Insurance Advisors


Lilienfeld Insurance Brokers has a multidisciplinary and highly experienced professional team capable of assisting every company and people insurance needs.

We have experience with all insurances available in Chile as well as access to the most developed international markets, which allows us to design insurance programs adapted to every insured.

We invite you to learn more about the products that Lilienfeld has to offer.

Risk Management Consulting


Your institution Goods and Patrimony will be protected with an insurance program that will cover against all risks that they may eventually suffer. Nevertheless, these types of policies will only cover a part of the probable loss, as the insured must assume the deductible agreed upon in the policy besides the hidden expenses associated to the loss, that finally will weaken its financial statements. It is for this reason that Lilienfeld may include the Global Risk Management Program, a system through which all the necessary information for optimal risk management is obtained.

This analysis will allow your institution to take right decisions to move and/or finance efficiently all risks inherent to the operation, take right preventive measures to reduce exposure to certain risks, minimizing the losses that may appear regarding a potential claim. Frequency and/or severity risks would be studied. These evaluations would be made with active participation of main executives of each area of your institution and the assessment of a multi-disciplinary team formed by Insurance, Engineering, Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Asset Valuation experts and professionals in whatever area should require to be analyzed.

Regional and Global Insurance Programs


Our international expertise has allowed us to develop regional as well as worldwide programs for Chilean companies that have operations and investments abroad.

Also from Chile we have managed regional programs for companies whose Head Offices are outside Latin America.