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Our Benefits area is oriented to deliver a complete assessing to its customers, offering excellent alternatives to protect the people that are part of a company. The personalized program includes an assessment to the client, where a deep analysis is made, to detect the customer’s needs and find the best solutions.


We have available Group and Individual insurances, highlighting the following:


Life and health: Life, Student, Health, Catastrophic, Dental, Medical Leave Excess (Safe Income), Personal Accidents, Travel Assistance, Special Risks.


Assessment in Patrimonial Protection and Pension Savings: Life Protection, Company Equity Protection, Voluntary Pension Savings (Individuals, Groups, Employers)


Assessment in Local Legal Regulation System: AUGE, CAE, GES, SOAP, etc.


Assessment in Private Health booking


Employee Benefits Program

For more information contact to:

Nikos Cartes S.M

Commercial Assistant Manager

Life, Health and Benefits Division


Phone number: 227574313

Jaime Godoy G.

Commercial Director of Accounts


Phone number: 227574306