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Philosophy and Mission

Since its very beginning, at Lilienfeld Insurance Brokers we have stood out for our clear customer service orientation and the effective response to our customer’s needs.


We have a deep knowledge of the Chilean Insurance Market and we are permanently studying the international market tendencies, so that we have always the best and most advanced coverage solutions at hand.


That is why our motto “A WORLD OF SERVICES FOR THE INSURANCE WORLD” was born, which has allowed us to become a leading company in the insurance and risk management industry of the country.


One of Lilienfeld’s keys to success is based in the emphasis that we make in the identification of risk that may threaten companies, personal goods and people, to define afterwards, the required adequate protection specific treatment.


The customers are the reason why our company exists.

That is how everybody at Lilienfeld Insurance and Risk Advisors understands it.


  • The level of service given to our customers is totally personalized and this leads us to be able to offer products that satisfy all their needs and in the required timeframe.
  • We believe in people and people believe in us. In insurance, trust is the base of any relationship between a customer and its assessor. That is why we ensure a moral and ethical commitment, which leads us to always deliver what we offer and to anticipate in more than returning the trust placed in us.
  • We feel very proud of Lilienfeld’s philosophy, based in our emphasis to keep our total independence from corporate brokers, economic groups, banks or multinationals, which makes it a distinctive advantage within the world and local market
  • Managing and controlling an insurance policy demands an operative structure that must be efficient and able to respond promptly to the insurance’s requirements. Our company has sufficient staff, the adequate technology, control systems and monitoring mechanisms, all within the frameworks that allow us to respond to the trust placed in us by our customers.


LILIENFELD INSURANCE BROKERS with its proposal of independence, experience, specialization and customer service, thrives to achieve long term relationships based on trust, ethics and professionalism.