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Lilienfeld Risks and Insurances Assessors in pursuit of reinforcing everything related to internal controls and best practices, has decided to implement the most relevant criteria of what includes Corporate Governance. From the identification of issues related to Compliance, Market behavior, Data Protection of our customers, strengthening of our technological platforms among others.


We began to implement this process in the second quarter of 2017, which will progressively cover more subjects. This also brings a cultural change, led by our Human Resources area with different trainings offered to the staff.


By working together, we are able to provide a clear performance whose fulfillment is concrete in order to reach its objectives, besides doing it in an efficient and effective way. The different Protocols / Procedures allow us to make decisions in a timely manner, thus mitigating the risks, making ourselves stronger as a company, delivering our clients as well as its controlling entities, insurers and other industry players, a transparent, fair, predictable and consistent in-time policy.